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Enter online with City of Plymouth Festival

For several years Plymouth Festival has successfully been using Run My Festival as an online entry and payment system. This was in order to make festival entry more manageable for everyone that uses it be they organisers, teachers, parents or older performers.

Run My Festival has been developed specifically for festivals and for this reason the City of Plymouth Festival decided to use it to provide a secure online entry and payment system for our festival community.

Please note that from this year all entries have to be paid at checkout using PayPal. We will no longer be accepting bank transfers, cash or payment by cheques.

This provides our festival with an instant audit trail produced by Run My Festival and ensures all entries are activated.

Entering Run My Festival is easy.

New users need to register and returning users need to log in to their RMF account.

When you are ready, simply click on the following link and follow the instructions:

There is a log-in option for existing users and a registration log-in option for new users.

If you are an existing Run My Festival user, when you log in it is really important that you check you only have one account and that your personal details including your home address, telephone numbers and email address are correct.

If you find you have two accounts, please delete one of them.

Checking your personal details will ensure that all personal mail we send to you including confirmation of entry forms, schedules, and pre-paid programmes, will arrive at your correct and most recent address.

Previously, we have had problems with people moving house and not having updated their details which consequently means RMF cannot send vital information to the correct address which is not the festival’s fault.

Once you have checked that your details are correct and that you only have one account, you can follow the RMF instructions to make your entries and payment.

New Users need to follow the instructions and register.

If anyone gets stuck, please email me at [email protected]. I’m here to help!

Making Duets, Trios and Quads

In previous years the main sticking point seems to be setting up duets, trios or quads. These need only be entered once.

One adult should enter all the dancers in their own account.

They will need to have the personal details of each dancer and set them up as entrants in their own account. They will then be able to set up a “group with people”.

Once you have created a “group with people” you will be able to use it to enter duets, trios and quads. It’s all very clever!

However, if you get stuck please contact me at [email protected].

Supervision of Performers

Please remember that for the duration of a festival all teachers, parents, guardians and carers are responsible for the continuous care and supervision of their own children or pupils. If they are unable to attend personally, they must delegate their responsibilities to an identified adult and ensure that their children or pupils are aware of the identity and name of the person responsible for their care. This includes supervision throughout all Festival venues, performance and practice and changing areas that are be provided.

For your information, please read Plymouth festival’s Safer Festivals Statement which can be downloaded from the Important Documents section at the top of this page.