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2020 Festival of Dance, Speech & Drama, and Music.

Cups & Trophies
at City of Plymouth Festival

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City of Plymouth Festival Cup Winners

At Plymouth Festival we are very proud that the majority of classes across all three festivals, have a cup or trophy that is awarded to the winner of each class.

Some of the trophies have been a part of our festival’s history and have been awarded to competitors over many years. It’s very interesting looking at the inscription on each of the awards as they hold a story from years gone by. In addition, the names of previous winners often fascinate and inspire the young performers of today.

Each and every trophy is cherished and valued for these reasons and that is why we ask everyone in possession to take care of their trophy and treat it with the respect it deserves for the year they hold it.

We always encourage winners to have their name professionally engraved on their trophy.
In future years young dancers will be able to look back and perhaps have a story of their own to tell.

Safe return of Festival cups and trophies

It’s very difficult to put a return date on the cups and trophies presented during last year’s dance festival. Auditing returned cups is a mammoth task and requires a lot of time and space. So, to support and make this task as easy as possible for Carolyne, we ask that they could be returned to her as soon as the restrictions have been lifted.

Because of the current situation with Coronavirus, to avoid close contact cups can be left in the labelled box in Carolyne’s back garden, or, they can be posted to the address below.

Late Return of Cups and Trophies

Six performers at the 2017 Music, Speech and Drama Festivals were very disappointed when they were presented with an A4 printed picture of the cup they had won because the actual cup had not been returned.

Adjudicator and poet Eleanor McLeod was so upset by this she wrote a poem!

The Lost Cup

He won a cup in the festival
For saying his poem the best
It was silver with two big handles
And his friends were really impressed.

He decided to drink a toast from it
But it didn’t taste very nice –
His mother had polished the silver
So he hid it away in a trice.

It languished inside a cupboard
Never seeing the light of day,
And he forgot about performing
And the cup was hidden away.

Next year when another performer
Won the class and needed the prize,
They could only get a picture
Which rather spoilt the surprise.

If only he had retrieved it
From its cave in the dark recess,
Someone else could enjoy it
And his friends would have been impressed.

So don’t keep your cups in hiding
Please make sure they return
And we thank you profoundly
And a round of applause you will earn.

Written exclusively for the Plymouth Festival
by Eleanor McLeod©2017

So, please don’t disappoint yourself or fellow performers. Please make sure your cups and trophies are returned to our Cup Secretary Carolyne Cunningham by the required deadline.

  • June 1st 2020 for Dance Festival cups and trophies
  • September 1st for Music, Speech and Drama awards
  • 01752 895254 or 07881 303204

Cup Donation

2015 saw six brand new trophies donated to the Dance Festival, one for each of the Championship Classes. This has meant that for the first time in the Festival’s history the outstanding achievement of winning a Championship Class has been properly recognised and appropriately recorded on a trophy.

For the 2016 Dance Festival music teacher and conductor Brian Gerry, known and respected by many across Plymouth, very kindly donated a trophy to be awarded by the adjudicator, for the most memorable song and dance solo from across the festival.

An additional Special Award was donated by Angela Drew’s partner Leo Catchpole. This was awarded and presented by the adjudicator to the group performance with the best Musical Theatre.
The Festival would like to thank Brian and Leo very much for their generosity.

2017 saw Class L1 Lyrical Modern for 7 to 9 year olds split into two class – ClassL1a for 7 and 8 year old dancers and Class L1b for dancers aged 9. You may also notice that Classes 12, 46 and L4 have also been split.

2018 saw new cups donated to all three festival sections. Lara Cook, Alison Welsford and The Groovement Project each donated a cup to the dance festival. Amy Clarke donated three cups for the newly introduced musical theatre classes in the Speech and Drama festival and the “Pol lu Quaich” award was donated to the music festival by her parents. Many thanks to those who presented cups and trophies.