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The City of Plymouth 2021 Speech and Drama Festival

We are very pleased to announce that the 2021 Speech and Drama festival has been scheduled to open on Monday 15th November 2021.

As usual it will be held at The Future Inn, PL6 5ZD.

The current 2021 syllabus will remain on the website unchanged and, unless we receive any request to improve the content, will be used for the 2021 festival.

The list of important documents at the top of the page contains the syllabus for each of the November festivals.

A short syllabus is the list of classes available in each section. So, there is an instrumental short syllabus, a speech and drama short syllabus and a short syllabus for the vocal section.

Click on the short syllabus you require and then download or print a copy.

The Music, Speech and Drama Syllabus is a full syllabus and contains information and classes regarding all three of the festivals.

Ann Bauer

We are pleased to announce that our Speech and Drama adjudicator is:

Ann Bauer

Ann has spent her working life in education teaching in secondary and primary schools, theatres, university and therapy teams, as well as examining drama and theatre studies. She ran her own drama school for many years and is also an adjudicator for The British and International Federation of Festivals.

Ann trained to teach under John Hodgson at Bretton Hall, his major influence was the importance of improvisation. Ann continues to be an enthusiastic teacher of improvisation for developing all performance skills.

She believes strongly in the inclusive power of drama, that it offers confidence building, team work, and the discipline of controlling body, voice – and nerves. Combining that with her love of the written word, her first degree was English; she counts herself lucky to spend her life talking about what she loves.

Currently Ann combines her teaching with specialist teaching, research and writing in SEN.

In her spare time she still attends ballet and tap classes, a lifelong passion, enjoys theatre going, advocacy in SEN, precious time with her family and long distance back-packing treks.

Safe return of all Festival cups and trophies

Auditing returned cups is a mammoth task and requires a lot of time and space. So, to support and make this task as easy as possible for Carolyne, we ask that they be returned to her as soon as possible. Ideally, before 30th October 2021.

Because of the current situation with Coronavirus, to avoid close contact cups can be left in the labelled box in Carolyne’s back garden, or they can be posted to the address below:

If you have any queries regarding the return of your cup or trophy please contact Carolyne. You can also contact her to make a personal arrangement. She is always very helpful.

The Festival Performance

The Festival experience differs from the examination situation in that it offers participants the opportunity to perform on a public stage in front of an audience and receive a mark and feedback from a qualified adjudicator.

The adjudicator will therefore look for a complete performance, including attention to dress, entrances and exits, announcing and acknowledging both applause and, where appropriate, the accompanist.

Please remember to use our website and Facebook and Twitter pages to receive notifications regarding all three of our festivals.